Would you like to learn how to use Stockpile inventory management? Check out these tutorials that make using our free inventory system even easier!

Setting up your Company

  • Thinking through SetupView
  • Resetting your Company’s Data (to correct setup mistakes)View
  • Uploading your Current InventoryView
  • Adding a New LocationView
  • Adding a New ManufacturerView
  • Adding a New AreaView
  • Adding Images to an Existing Inventory ItemView
  • Adding a New Label to an Existing Inventory ItemView
  • Setting Minimum Stock CountView
  • Setting Currency PreferenceView


  • Adding a New UserView
  • Activating a User AccountView
  • Change Security for an Existing UserView
  • Changing Your PasswordView
  • Changing a User PasswordView
  • Deactivating an Existing UserView
  • Reactivating a Deactivated UserView
  • Setting User Time PreferencesView


  • Adding a New ItemView
  • Adding Stock to an existing Inventory ItemView
  • Entering a Sales TransactionView
  • Entering a Sales ReturnView
  • Removing stock for damagesView
  • Transferring Inventory from one location to anotherView


  • Editing an Existing LocationView
  • Editing an Existing ManufacturerView
  • Editing an Existing AreaView
  • Editing an Existing Inventory ItemView
  • Deactivating an Existing Inventory ItemView
  • Deleting an Existing Inventory ItemView
  • Editing a Previous TransactionView


  • Running the Current Stock Counts List ReportView
  • Running the Current Stock Counts Table ReportView
  • Running the Inventory Transaction ReportView
  • Running the Stock Transactions ReportView
  • Running the Daily Transactions ReportView
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