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There’s nothing like free; especially when it comes to finding the right small business inventory management system for you and your staff.

Why Work from Home Employees Need Stockpile

We all know that location matters. When it comes to real estate, product placement in a store, or where your desk sits, location is everything. That is especially true for Millenials. They fully expect to have the option of working from home at least part of the week. Allowing employees to work from home can…
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Vacation Brain

It may be not a medically recognized condition but I'm sure you're familiar with 'vacation brain.' It's that absentminded, scattered attention that many employees exhibit before and/or after a vacation. It's understandable, they are either planning and looking forward to vacation or they're playing catch up after being out for a period of time. Understandable, yes.…
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Free Yourself

"Free your mind and the rest will follow."  That line was from a catchy tune by R&B group En Vogue in the 90s entitled "Free Your Mind." Although the ladies were singing about racial and gender equality the advice could certainly pertain to inventory issues. If inventory issues are weighing you down you aren't free to…
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Changes and Challenges

Every business is going to be faced with changes and challenges. How you handle these situations will determine the success or failure of your business. We can't make your business recession proof or protect it from natural disasters but we can give you some helpful tips to prepare you for almost anything. Keep reading to…
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