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There’s nothing like free; especially when it comes to finding the right small business inventory management system for you and your staff.

The Best It Can Be

In previous blogs we've talked a lot about how useful Stockpile inventory management tool is. We've explained how it saves you time and money by making it easy to track your inventory whether you have one location or dozens. As easy as Stockpile is to use, it's also very important that you use it correctly…
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It’s So Exciting

Lots of things can be described as exciting. Riding a roller coaster, planning a trip, making a major purchase, getting a new job - these are just a few events that can really pump you up and make you glad you got up this morning. Wouldn't it be nice if you felt excited about things…
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Why Work from Home Employees Need Stockpile

We all know that location matters. When it comes to real estate, product placement in a store, or where your desk sits, location is everything. That is especially true for Millenials. They fully expect to have the option of working from home at least part of the week. Allowing employees to work from home can…
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Vacation Brain

It may be not a medically recognized condition but I'm sure you're familiar with 'vacation brain.' It's that absentminded, scattered attention that many employees exhibit before and/or after a vacation. It's understandable, they are either planning and looking forward to vacation or they're playing catch up after being out for a period of time. Understandable, yes.…
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