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Be Open to Change

Things are always changing and the people who are most open to adapting are usually the happiest. We've all done it at one time or another. It's only natural to feel comfortable with what you know and to lament a change that you don't agree with or feel excited about. Digging in your heels and…
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What You Need to Know

You've probably heard the saying "ignorance is bliss," and sometimes that's true. Everyone has experienced a situation when they were happier not knowing something. In business, not knowing things can really hurt your success. To succeed and grow your business there are several things you need to know. Keep reading for some tips and to learn more about how…
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Where Does the Time Go?

You'll often hear older people lamenting the passage of time. Usually it's when they are talking about how quickly their children or grandchildren are growing up. Most of us our guilty of wasting a bit of time each and every day. Many times we are aware of what we're doing but other times it's not…
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