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Content vs. Tone: Balancing the Scales

Sometimes how you say something is just as important as what you say.  In print it can be the font that you choose, to bold or not to bold, and punctuation that convey your tone. Of course, tone comes through in your voice when you speak your words aloud.  Your intent is always open for interpretation…
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Ten Places to Consider for Your Summer Vacation Destination

Summer vacation season is almost upon us and of course you can't go wrong venturing to the beaches or a theme park, but if you're looking for some options beyond sun, sand and mouse ears we've got some suggestions for you. National Parks - There are 59 national parks in 27 states and two US…
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Hit One Out of the Park

If you have kids, you've seen THAT mom.  You know the one; she always has snacks, and anti-bac soap. She has toys for kids of all ages and she seems to have it all together. How does she do it? Maybe she stays up half the night after her kids have gone to bed cleaning…
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