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If you have kids, you've seen THAT mom.  You know the one; she always has snacks, and anti-bac soap. She has toys for kids of all ages and she seems to have it all together. How does she do it? Maybe she stays up half the night after her kids have gone to bed cleaning and packing and getting everything ready for the next day. She might have help. And maybe she just has a great system for staying organized.  If you would like to be more like THAT mom, keep reading to learn how Stockpile fast free inventory solution can help!

The key to being organized in any aspect of your life is to know what you have and where you keep it.  That can be more challenging when you have kids that frequently use the items you are trying to keep track of because, let's face it kids aren't exactly known for putting things back where they found them. Judicious use of colorful storage solutions and frequent reminders can help but even that may not be enough.  Kids are also notoriously hard on their stuff and more likely to hide broken items rather than tell you what happened. When you enter items into Stockpile, talk to your kids about what you're doing and why. Explain that when you can find things easily you'll be able to get to the park, playground, etc quicker. Let them know that you won't be angry with them when things get broken and that it is just important that you know when an item needs to be repaired or replaced.  If your children are old enough, let them help you. Most kids love to snap pictures so let them take the shots that you include with the item records. This can give them a feeling of ownership and pride, which will encourage them to take better care of their belongings.

Stockpile fast free inventory solution allows you to be as specific as you'd like with where items are located. You can designate various locations within your home - shed, garage, playroom,etc. Within each location you can have multiple areas as well. For example, blue bin, gray shelves, closet - whatever works for you. Next time you're getting ready to head out for a day of fun it will be quick and easy to locate the items you'd like to take with you, assuming of course that they made it back to their designated location.

Kids are also great little borrowers and lenders. How often have you wasted time looking for an item only to have one of your kids tell you that they loaned it to a friend? More than likely you have also located various items in your home that you know don't belong to your family. Remind your kids that Stockpile only works if you keep it updated. If they loan an item to a friend they need to tell you so that you can update the record. Then weeks or even months from now when you need that item back you'll know who to ask for it.

Be Better Organized: Use Our Fast Free Inventory Solution

Including kids in the process can be the difference maker when it comes to being able to keep track of their belongings. Using Stockpile can really help the process make sense and keep everyone on track. How have you used Stockpile at home? Let us know in the comments section below.  Haven't tried Stockpile yet? Get started today!


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