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In Good Times and Bad

When times are good it can be hard to keep up with business. You may have work than you can handle. Often the little niceties get lost in the hustle and bustle. It can be hard to focus on customer appreciation when your struggling just to deliver products and services on time. It's important to…
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Sock It to Me!

In Harry Potter a missing sock was a sign that another house elf had been freed. For the rest of us, a single sock is usually a source of frustration. There were two the last time you wore them, but when you go to fold the clothes suddenly you have some socks without mates. This is…
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Random Acts of Kindness

The movie Pay It Forward came out in 2000, but the concept of practicing random acts of kindness wasn't new even then. Still it's a timeless idea, and one that bears repeating. Practicing random acts of kindness at work can have a huge impact on your business. Keep reading to learn more. Plus, we'll have tips…
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What Was I Thinking?

We have all made decisions that we regret. That extra helping of chili that leads to heartburn, the one last dip in the ocean with the sunglass stealing wave, reaching out to pet a sweet little puppy who turns out to be Cujo. Once you reach a certain age you probably have several examples of…
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