Refreshed vs. Remodeled

easy free home inventory systemThe differences between refreshing your home and remodeling may seem obvious. A refresh typically means new furniture, paint, rugs, or other decorative accents. Remodeling is usually a larger, more involved project. It can be as simple as replacing carpet with hardwood flooring or as complicated as completely redoing your kitchen or bathroom. In some cases it can even include the addition or removal of walls and entire rooms. If you just judge the two by those descriptions you might assume that the higher impact project is the remodel. In some ways that is true, but often a refresh has a bigger impact on the amount of stuff you have in your home. Keep reading to learn why it's so important to use an easy free home inventory system like Stockpile before and after you refresh your space.

Refresh 101

First, let's start with why you're refreshing your space. Most times it's because you're tired of the same old stuff. You want to change things up a bit and add some new pizzazz to your home. That doesn't always translating into getting rid of the old stuff though. Many of us hang out to pieces for a variety of reasons. It could be because they might work in another room, or they have sentimental value, or they were expensive when purchased. With each item you replace, ask yourself why you wanted something new. If the answer is because you no longer like the item in question it should go. Simply adding new decorative accents to your home and storing the old ones increases the amount of clutter you live with and that is not good.

Don't Plan Too Far Ahead

Most homeowners have a wish list of projects they'd like to do. Often the list is longer than the budget can support so some of those projects can remain on the list for months or even years. It can be tempting to focus on the refreshes first because they involve less time and money to accomplish. Saving items from one room to use in another is fine if they are going to make their way to the new spot quickly. If the piece won't work in the other room until after a series of other changes take place you may not want to store the item. Your plans or tastes may change before you get around to redoing the other room and then you will have held on to something for no reason.

Enjoy It More 

Your goal should always be to improve your home in ways that will help you enjoy it more. Remodels and refreshes are a great way to accomplish this. So is using Stockpile easy free home inventory system. Stockpile helps you track the things you own so that you can keep your home more organized and find what you need quickly and easily. Creating item records is simple. You choose which fields to include in item records so you can track all sorts of info that is important to you. Thanks to areas and locations you can be very specific about where items are stored. This makes it easy to locate stuff even when it is stored out of sight in a bin or closet. It can also help you remember if you got rid of items as well. There is nothing more frustrating than spending hours searching for something you no longer own.

Using Stockpile easy free home inventory system may seem like another step in an already involved project but it is one that will provide benefits for years to come. When you have records in Stockpile you can locate items easily. You can also view your inventory on the go as long as you have internet access. That means you can save time and money by checking what you own before you make a new purchase. Including warranty info, replacement parts ordering details, and related accessories in your item records makes it easy to deal with situations that may arise. Stockpile easy free home inventory system puts so much power at your fingertips. If you want to make a lasting difference in your home and do something that will provide years of enjoyment, try Stockpile. Ready to get started? Get Stockpile now!

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