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Someday, Maybe

Do you have a someday, maybe stash at home? You know those things that you aren't using now but you're hanging on to just in case you need them in the future? Whether it's clothes that no longer fit, gear for a sport that you haven't done in ages, supplies for a craft you have…
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Leave a Lasting Impression

For any business to succeed you need to have customers. Not just first time customers but customers that come back again and again and tell their friends about your business. The best way to turn a casual customer into a loyal one is by leaving a lasting impression. Today we've got tips on how to…
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Moving can be very stressful. One of the biggest challenges can be realizing that whether you gained space or downsized, your possessions just don't fit the way they did in your old home. Most people want to unpack and get settled in as soon as possible. When things don't fit where you expect them to…
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Bad Ideas

Sometimes you can tell that what you're doing is a bad idea. When you're walking in to work balancing your latte and a stack of important papers in one hand and trying to juggle your cell phone and your lunch in the other you can just tell that it isn't going to end well. Something…
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