Ew! What’s That Smell?

free easy home inventoryIf there is a suspicious odor in your kitchen it may be time to clean out the fridge and the pantry. Even if you're not there yet, it may be time to check your expiration dates and clear out some old food. Today's post will have some great tips for reorganizing your kitchen and making the job easier going forward. Keep reading to learn how using Stockpile free easy home inventory system can help.

Leftover Losers

Some meals are just better the first time around. That means those leftovers you so carefully stored in the fridge may be destined to get pushed to the back where they spoil before they are eaten. Don't let this happen to you. First, be honest with yourself. Will you or someone in your household actually eat this? If the answer is no, just let it go. Don't waste your time and energy packing up leftovers that are just going to end up in the trash anyway. Skip all the middle steps and just toss them right away.

For the food that is likely to be used it can be helpful to have a way to track what's in the fridge and how quickly it should be eaten. Adding records in Stockpile makes it easy. After you pack up the leftovers simply add an item record along with the use by date. Because Stockpile free easy home inventory system is fully customizable you have the ability to create fields like this to track the details that you need. You can even include notes such as sauces to compliment the leftover or reheating instructions. Knowing what to use first can help you more efficiently eat your leftovers and avoid wasting food.

Perishable Items 

Many food items are perishable and they all have varying lifespans. Knowing how long different foods last makes it easy to use things before they go bad. Items like meat and milk are fairly easy to track since they come with use by dates clearly stamped in a very visible location. Plus, they are only good for a week or two so it's pretty simple to recognize when you've had something for too long. This is not true for pickles, condiments, and other things with a longer shelf life. Items that are good for months at a time can easily be forgotten until after they have expired. To make matters worse, often the use by dates are printed in small type on hard to locate areas of the packaging where they are nearly impossible to read. Your best bet is to record these dates when you first purchase the item so you won't have to waste time searching for them later on. There is nothing worse than pulling a needed item out of the fridge only to discover it's no longer good.


Many staples have a long shelf life. That means they may not need to be replaced for a year or more. That also means you are highly likely to forget how long you've had something. Tracking staples such as sugar, salt, and other spices is a great way to ensure that you have the best ingredients on hand to create all your favorite recipes. For more on using Stockpile free easy home inventory system to manage your spices and your pantry click the links above.

Save Time and Money | Free Easy Home Inventory

Using Stockpile is a great way to save time and money. When you can easily track your food you can avoid waste. Knowing what you have on hand and where to find it keeps you from overbuying items you don't need. Creating item records is quick and easy. Once you have your data in Stockpile free easy home inventory system it is so simple to see all the information you need. You can even check your inventory while you're standing in the grocery store. Ready to see what we can do for you? Start using Stockpile today!

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