The Real Recipe for Success

choice home inventory systemWhether you like to cook or just do it because you have to eat, there are some tips that can really help you out in the kitchen. Today's post will have some simple solutions to help you organize like a pro so that you can focus on creating delectable dishes. We'll even tell you how using Stockpile can improve your culinary skills.

Know Your Tools and Where to Find Them

You can't use what you don't have. If you can't find a needed tool when you're cooking it's not going to do you any good. That's why it's important to organize your pots, pans, baking sheets, utensils, and other kitchen tools so that you know what you have and where to find it. Start small by organizing your drawers. The flatware will be easy (although you should make note if you're missing any pieces). Some people are surprised to learn that their service for twelve is now short a spoon or two. Then move on to the serving pieces. You may have some that match your flatware and others that you've accumulated as needed along the way. This may mean that not all serving utensils are stored in the same area. Making note of what can be found where will save you time in the long run. Seldom used utensils often get pushed to the back of the drawer where they may be forgotten completely. If you create item records in Stockpile you can easily "see" what utensils you have and where they're stored so that you never forget about a ladle or a pie server.

Dishes, Platters, and More 

Your plates are a good next step. Again, they came in a set so it will be fairly easy to create a number of records quickly. After you've added your main dishware you can move on to the ad hoc pieces that everyone seems to have, the holiday plate you got when someone brought you cookies, the princess bowl your daughter just had to have, or the fire truck tray that never fails to get your son to the dinner table. Since these don't match your everyday dishes they may be kept in a different cabinet or shelf. Having Stockpile records can make it easy to keep track of the extras that you have. Larger serving pieces often won't fit in your kitchen cabinets so these may be stored even further out of sight. If that is the case it can be easy to forget what you have or just how big it actually is.

Pots and Pans 

You probably know what pot or pan to use for the dishes that you make on a regular basis but you may be stumped when a recipe calls for a specific sized pot or pan. Knowing the exact capacity of every pot and pan in your kitchen can really save you time when you're trying out a new recipe. Just a few clicks to check your Stockpile records and you'll know exactly which one to use.

Better Baking 

Most people have an eclectic collection of baking sheets and cake pans. Knowing which one works best for certain times of baking can be a real time saver and help you create perfectly baked goods every time. When you create item records for these pieces make a note of what you typically use it for and how it performs. For instance, some baking sheets cook faster than others, some work better at a lower oven temperature, and some are just a beast to clean up. Knowing as much as possible about your tools can help you adapt your recipe to ensure success.

Spices & Sprinkles 

Spices and sprinkles add that extra something special to everything you make, as long as they aren't expired or missing in action when you need them. Stockpile is the easiest way to track expiration dates and the exact location of every small container of seasoning or decorating sugar that you have. Because you can access your records on the go it's also a great way to know whether you need to pick up more of something before you leave the grocery store.

Sounds Delicious

If this all sounds great, you're ready to start using Stockpile in your kitchen. Creating item records is quick and easy. You choose which fields to include so you can track all the info that is important to you. Organizing your kitchen can be a time consuming job but the results will be well worth the effort. Plus, Stockpile makes it easy to stay organized. When everything has a place and everyone can easily see where something goes it's easier to put things back where they belong. You'll feel like a professional chef when you can easily locate everything you need to create delicious meals. The best part is that Stockpile is available for free. What a great way to spice up your cooking! Try Stockpile today!

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