A Case of Mistaken Identity

quick easy inventory systemIt's happened to the best of us. You think you recognize someone at the mall, you come up with the wrong title or artist for a song, or you watch the wrong movie because you thought it was a different flick. Mistaken identity is a more common occurrence than you might expect. When it comes to inventory you can't afford to mix items up. Today's post will tell you how using Stockpile quick easy inventory system can help you keep things straight. Keep reading to learn more.

Start off Right 

Use care when you're creating your item records. Your Stockpile records will only be as good as the data that you put in the system. Take the time to name items correctly and be sure and take advantage of the ability to add additional fields. Those extra pieces of data will provide more checkpoints to ensure that you are looking at the right item later. You can even include a photograph in your record for even easier identification.

Use Areas and Locations 

Often mistaken identity situations are the result of someone being in a rush. You expect the pink shirt to be on the second shelf and you see something pink so you grab it. Then you find yourself apologizing to your customer because you came back with a pair of shorts instead of a tee. The more specific you are about where items can be found the better your chances are of always finding exactly what you're looking for. Thanks to areas and locations you can be very precise. Use that level of detail to your advantage. You can even use Stockpile quick easy inventory system to track inventory across multiple locations. 

All Access 

Accessibility is important. Stockpile allows you to give multiple employees access to the system. Because Stockpile is available for free you don't have to worry about the licensing fees forcing you to limit who can use the system. You can also access your data when you're out of the office. Stockpile quick easy inventory system is mobile compatible so you can "see" your inventory on the go as long as you have internet access.

Lucky Labels 

Labels are another way to help ensure you're looking at the right record. The more descriptive you are in your records, the more details you'll have to confirm that this is the item you're looking for. Go ahead and add labels that will help you distinguish one item from another. The more checks and balances you put in place, the better info you'll get out of the system.

Manage Inventory with Ease 

Stockpile quick easy inventory system makes managing inventory a breeze. Creating item records is easy. Once you have your items entered in the system you'll be able to quickly access all the data that you need with just a few clicks. Running reports is easy as well. It's simple to compile the end of year or tax time reports that you need. Using Stockpile quick easy inventory system is so simple the only question you'll have is why you waited so long to try it. Ready to see what we can do for you? Start using Stockpile today!

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