How to use areas within our small business inventory system

At Canvus Apps, we understand the importance of having a tool that can actually be configured to your specific use case. For example, so small businesses store their inventory at home on the garage. Meanwhile other small business owners have a specific location within their place of business to stock and maintain inventory. Stockpile, our small business inventory system, is designed is such a manner that will allow you to do either.

When setting up the "areas" portion of Stockpile you should consider how you would like to see your inventory displayed within Stockpile. For example, an area could be a physical location such as:

[list type="1"]
  • Storage Room Rack 1 Shelf A
  • Shelf B
  • Rack 6
  • Top Shelf
  • Back corner
  • and any other physical location you can use words to describe
  • [/list]

    The most important aspect of managing areas is coming up with a naming convention for your physical storage space. Pick something that easily recognizable to you and your staff.

    In some cases, you may want to keep track of virtual and/or paper assets such as software licenses or computer files. Again, think of something that's meaningful like:

    [list type="1"]
  • shared drive
  • /folder name/subfolder
  • Jim's computer
  • filing cabinet A, shelf 1, folder 3
  • [/list]

    As you may have guessed by now, there are many, many ways to configure Stockpile. Sign up today and see for yourself!

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