Happy Fall Y’all!

Tips to get back on track: small business inventory management

With temperatures outdoors still in the upper 80’s it really feels like summer, but indoors the signs of Fall are everywhere. From the witches, bats and pumpkins lining the shelves in your local store to the apple and pumpkin treats at all your favorite eateries the indicators all point to the fact that Autumn is rapidly approaching. Typically, we think of Spring as the time for cleaning and getting things in order but Fall is a great time to get organized. All small businesses are impacted by the holiday season in one way or another. Putting an inventory management system in place now ensures that you will be ready when the time comes. That's why we built Stockpile, a free online inventory system for small business. Small business inventory just got a lot easier!

There are plenty of scary things lurking just around the corner in October. It seems like you can’t walk into a home improvement store without some vampire, black cat or other creature jumping out at you. The state of your small business inventory shouldn’t be something to fear. If you start using Stockpile now, by October you’ll be a pro at navigating the system. The only thing that will be troubling you is why you waited so long to try it. Cobwebs are great for decoration but you don’t want them forming on your shelves. See what you have in real time and markdown those items that just aren’t moving. Have an item that is as elusive as Dracula during the daytime? You’ll know right away that you need to order more of that hot seller so you aren’t missing out on sales due to low inventory.

When you can track your inventory quickly and easily you can make better business decisions. Once you have a robust system in place you can stop worrying about nasty surprises and start focusing on the fun aspects of your business. Always wanted to plan a fun Fall promotion? A company outing to a corn maze? Whatever idea you have floating around that you always said you’d try if you only had the time - thanks to Stockpile that time could be now. Get started using our small business inventory system today and you really will say “Happy Fall Y’all!”

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