Using our online inventory system to manage a yard sale.

Every weekend many families hold yard sales to clear out the clutter from there attics and garages. Most of the time the families are more concerned with just getting rid of the items and collecting a little money along the way. What if the family wanted to be able to set a financial goal from the yard sale. Many families have budgeted the money to allow them to take a vacation, renovate a part of the house or buy something the entire family can enjoy, like a new TV. Don't you want to be sure your yard sale goes off without a hitch and all of your stuff is accounted for? Then you should try our online inventory system, Stockpile, to help out with keeping track of your items.

A lot of times, family members will just identify a dollar amount and hope to reach that amount. Would it not be better to evaluate your inventory before hand and identify the minimum amount for each item that you would like to get from the customer. Using Stockpile, an online inventory application created by Canvus, will allow your family to be able to achieve your financial goal from the yard sale. You can enter in the items in the inventory system and set the price of what you expect to get from the item as your original cost. If you were able to sell the item at that price you would be able to meet your financial goal. If you can get more for the item you can help get to that financial goal a little quicker. We all know that at yard sales a lot of bargaining goes on. Stockpile will allow you to know what the floor price of the item and allow you to be able bargain with customer to be able to sell the item and still meet your financial goal. Stockpile also gives you real-time data as long as the sale of an item is entered when it is sold, so the family can keep track during the yard sale to see if you are going to be able to meet the financial bench mark set before the being of the yard sale. You may ask how can you track the sales in real-time. We don't plan on having a computer available during the yard sale. That is the benefit of Stockpile. It is compatible with smart phones. The application even resizes to fit your phones screen, whether it is running on a Apple or Android based operating system. The next time you have a yard sale think about Stockpile to be able to meet your financial goals from the items your selling.

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