Signing Up For Stockpile

Getting started with Stockpile is straightforward for almost anyone familiar with using a web browser. First, signing up for the free account should be quick and painless. All you need is the owner name, email, passwordLocation Entry and company name - of course, you should review our privacy statement.  After completing the form, you will be sent an email with instructions for activating your account.

Once you activate and login, you will be prompted to enter a location.  A location consists of things like the name, city, etc.  All that is required on this screen is the "name", but you can enter more details if you like. Don't worry, you can update the other details later.

After entering the location, you will be taken back to what we like to call the "catalog" screen.  You will be given a helpful reminder message letting you know you could populate things like additional location, areas, manufacturers and additional users.

Setup Message

With these handy instructions, you will be on your way to entering your inventory information.  We'll review each of these in a later post to demonstrate a few ways they can be used with Stockpile, our free online inventory system for small businesses.

For now, give it a try yourself!

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