Point of Sale Perils

Technology is great. When it works, that is. As we all know, that isn't always the case. All too often businesses experience technological difficulties that frustrate employees and customers alike. If you read our blog frequently you know that we are big proponents of technology. We also advocate for staying up with technology and doing your homework before you add new tech into your business. Today, we're talking about some common point of sale challenges. We'll also talk about Stockpile free inventory tool and how it can eliminate some of sales headaches.

Employee Education 

First and foremost, your employees need to know what forms of payment you accept and how they work. You want to make it as easy as possible for your customers to pay. If you've already got them at the register ready to make a purchase you don't want to lose them because your employees don't know how to make your technology work. Most customers prefer cashless forms of payment. That can be a swipe of a credit card, a chip or the ability to pay with an app on their mobile device. Employees need to know which forms you accept and how to make them work.

Sensitive Technology

That brings us to our next point. Each method has its own challenges. Your employees need to be up on the work-arounds to keep things working when they aren't. The strips on cards can become worn which makes them difficult to read. Sometimes all it takes is a plastic bag or a little register tape to improve the connection. Other times the number will have to be keyed in manually. Chip readers can be very sensitive. Push the card in too soon and the reader won't recognize it. Dust on the chip? That can cause a read error too. Then there are the systems that are configured to accept chips, but set up to take them. Make sure that you tape something over the slot and provide signage letting customers know they can't pay that way. Many retailers now take payments from a mobile device. It should be obvious to your customers whether you do or don't. You don't want to embarrass your patrons because they were standing there with their phone out waiting for some magic to happen.


Beep - Buzz - BAH!

Can we just talk about that annoying sound that most of these chip readers make to let you know that the payment has been approved and the card can be removed? Most customers express annoyance at that sound, for employees who have to listen it to all shift it's even worse. If you are looking to upgrade your tech, it would be a very good idea to evaluate that sound and try to choose the least annoying one that will meet your processing needs.

Your Signature or Toddler Art? 

Speaking of annoyances, how about those screens that make even the most careful signers' signatures look like something a toddler drew with a dull crayon? There are numerous risks with this. First, your customers can become annoyed because they are signing and nothing is appearing on the screen. Some people take pride in their flowery script and may be annoyed that it looks like an inelegant scribble. Worst case, there is a charge discrepancy and when you go to verify the signature it looks nothing at all like the authorized signature on file. Again, if you're in the market for an upgrade this would be an area to focus on. Remember to educate your employees as well. Some screens work better with the attached stylus, other times just using your finger produces better results.


We can't help you with your point of sale perils, but we can help you ensure that you have the stock you need and that you know where to find it. Stockpile is the free inventory tool that you need for your small business. The price is right. Stockpile is available for free. It's fully customizable so you can create the system that works best for your business. Thanks to areas and locations you can be very specific about where items are kept. Reports are easy to run as well. Plus, Stockpile grows with your business. If you add locations down the road, Stockpile can handle their data too.  Stockpile is also mobile compatible so you can keep an eye on your data anytime from anywhere. Your inventory headaches can be a thing of the past. Try Stockpile today!

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