Keeping Up With Inventory Across Locations

One of the challenges with small businesses is when they start to grow some.  Maybe they started with 1 store and things started to go fairly well.  With 1 store, inventory could be managed with a spreadsheet (of course, this was before Stockpile was available).  As the small business grew and people really enjoyed shopping at the store, an opportunity came along to open another store in a nearby town. This is an exciting time for the business with the potential for growth and expansion.  The 2nd store opens and it has its own set of inventory.  Now you are left with 2 locations that manage their inventory in 2 spreadsheets.

What if the inventory could be managed all in a simple easy to use application allowing you to see inventory levels at each store?  Stockpile provides several features for helping with multiple locations, but today we are going to focus on inventory levels.  When you pull up an item in our catalog, you have a summary of the number of items in stock at each store.  This quick view allow you to easily see how much of a particular item you have in-stock at each location.

Inventory Stock Levels

Just one of the several ways Stockpile helps you understand your business.

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