Hats Off to You

free home inventory systemEven if you're not a person who routinely wears hats you probably own a few. If you live with a few other people that number multiplies and suddenly it becomes hard to keep track of all that head wear. If this sounds like a problem you could use some help with, keep reading. We'll tell you how easy it is to implement Stockpile free home inventory system so that you can track beanies, ball caps, and more with ease.

Location, Location, Location

Before you begin you'll need to locate all the hats in the house. While you're doing this you'll want to decide whether you like where they're stored or if moving them makes sense. Once you know how many hats you have and where they're going to be stored you're ready to begin. To get the most out of Stockpile you'll want to add more than location details to the system. This means you'll need to see the hats as you create item records.

Let's Get Started

Creating item records in Stockpile is easy. Because Stockpile free home inventory system is fully customizable you are able to choose which fields you include. Using areas and locations allows you to be very specific about where items are stored. You can also include additional details such as size, color, brand, purchase price, purchase location, and more. You can even include a photo in your record. This means you can look up details anytime. Taking time to add extra details during this step can be very beneficial. You never know when you'll want to verify specifics about something. What size is your old sock hat? How old is your son's beanie? Is your winter hat white or off white? Mobile compatibility means you can find the answers to all these questions while you're still standing in the store looking at the new options.

Another Word About Location 

We mentioned above that areas and locations allow you to be very specific about where items are stored. Don't rush through this step. The more detail you include in your records the easier it will be for anyone in your household to find what they're looking for. Imagine how nice it would be if you weren't the official keeper of winter hats, summer visors, and ball caps. Wouldn't it be great if everyone could find their own hat when they wanted it? This doesn't have to just be a dream. If you use Stockpile this reality can be yours, and it works for more than just hats. You can track anything you own using Stockpile.

Fantastic Functionality 

Stockpile is designed for small businesses but you can put all that functionality to work in your home. You can easily track your stuff, even when it tends to move around. Updating item records is quick and easy. It only takes a few minutes to make changes. Remember to update the records of any items that wear out, get lost or are donated. You don't want to waste time searching for something you no longer own. Once you see the benefits of tracking your hats with Stockpile you'll have to decide what to add next.

There are so many benefits to using Stockpile at home. You'll save time and money when you track items with our system. You may even find it easier to stay more organized and keep your home clutter free. This can reduce your daily stress and provide health benefits. Stockpile is available for free so there's no reason not to use it. Ready to see what we can do for you? Try Stockpile today!

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