Getting To Know Stockpile: How Areas Might Be Used?

Before we talked about the setup page and on it, I mentioned that you can enter areas for your inventory items.  Today, I would like to explore how you can use areas within Stockpile.  First, we should talk about how they work within Stockpile.  Areas can be assigned to individual items in the catalog. These areas are there for categorizing the items in your catalog.  An item can only have one area assigned to it.  These areas are then later used for reporting and searching.

Enough discussion, let's get going through an example or two on using areas.  For instance, let's say we are adding inventory for a bike shop.  If we start looking at the items we might have in a bike shop, we start to see that we have different types of things like brakes, brake pads, helmets, tires, bikes and much more.  These "types" are good candidates for use as areas within Stockpile.

For another example, let's look at a women's clothing boutique.  If we think about a boutique, we can probably come up with a few things we might find in the store.  For example, it might have a "Shoshanna Bradley dress".  This would probably fall into the area of "dress".  Next, we have a "Lein Paul Pop scarf".  This is a little tricky, but maybe we could add it to the area called "accessories".  We can continue this process through the rest of our inventory until we have our inventory categorized into areas.

To see how areas in Stockpile, Canvus Applications online inventory system, can be useful for your business give it a try yourself!

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