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January is a popular time of year to start getting organized. Perhaps it’s because we spend so much time indoors and we notice just how much clutter we live with on a daily basis. Maybe it’s because we feel like we should make resolutions and getting organized sounds like a worthwhile and very attainable goal. Or it could be that we are just falling victim to the relentless advertising telling us that now is the time to organize our life and our possessions. Whatever our motivation, we tend to take stock and start moving things around this time of year. Getting organized is great. In a previous post we’ve discussed ways that changing the way you organize items can improve your business practices. The same is true at home, but again the key is that you must be able to find the newly organized items. More importantly, you must remember that you have the items in the first place.

It’s happened to all of us at one time or another. You take the time to reason out a “good” spot to store a particular item but then the next time you need it you can’t remember where that “good” spot was. Even worse, sometimes when you are rummaging around looking for something, you find an item that you didn’t even remember that you had. It’s a terrible feeling to realize that you could have used something had you only remembered that you had it. On occasion you find that you have already purchased a second version of the item because the first has so completely slipped your mind. So frustrating!

Stockpile, online inventory management, is the perfect solution for keeping track of your organized items. You can create locations throughout your home and then list the items stored in each. Wondering where you put the camping gear? Don’t search the house, look it up in Stockpile. Camping Gear - 5 units - Attic. There you go. Want to keep track of consumables? Enter the quantity when you come home from the store and then update the item count as you use them. Check your “inventory” online when you make your list, or look it up on your mobile device while you’re at the store.

With Stockpile - the world's best online inventory management solution, you can feel confident that you will be able to find what you want, when you want it. And really, isn’t the whole point of organizing in the first place? So if you’re getting organized - get Stockpile!

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