When You’re Ready to Move It, Move It

Last post we had some tips on how to minimize the stress of moving and why you should use Stockpile free home inventory system when you move. Today, we're back with part two of this series where we walk you through exactly how to do this.

For this post, we'll assume you have some familiarity with Stockpile and how to use it. If you don't, click here for a quick intro to using Stockpile free home inventory system. Whether you already use Stockpile free home inventory system at home or are just implementing it for your big move, it's quick and easy to get started. Creating individual item records and transferring each item into a location that you've created for each box you pack would be tedious and time consuming. Instead, we recommend creating item records for boxes and then listing the contents in the description field.

For example, you would create an item record Medium Box #1. In the description you would list the contents of that box with the level of detail that you feel you need to make your move easier. Now you can track that box as you move it around the house for showings and finally onto the moving truck for transport. This would be especially helpful if your move occurs in stages. Many people find it necessary to relocate to a apartment for some period of time before they move or to rent a storage unit to create a more spacious look in their home before they put it on the market. Those multiple moves can make it harder to remember which box holds what and where to find the things you need. Having records in Stockpile free home inventory system makes the entire process so much easier.

Thanks to Stockpile's mobile compatibility, you can access your records anytime from your favorite mobile device. No matter how long you're in limbo during your move, you won't have to worry about forgetting where you packed things because you'll always have easy access to the information that you need.

When you arrive at your final destination you can transfer boxes to rooms in your new home and then begin unpacking. If you already use Stockpile at home, it will be easy to transfer items to their new locations in the system. If you just tried Stockpile free home inventory system for your move, now is a great time to set up records for your home.

Moving Made Easier Thanks to Stockpile Free Home Inventory System

Why not get your fresh start started off right? As you organize your new home you can create records that will allow you to keep track of your possessions. For the first few weeks or months in your new home it may be a challenge to remember where you've put things. At first your surroundings will be a little unfamiliar. Over time you'll settle in and be able to automatically locate the things you need. Until that happens you can rely on Stockpile.

It's not fun to think about, but accidents can happen during your move. Items can be lost or broken. Having records in Stockpile can help in that circumstance as well. If you have a list of exactly what was in each box, it will be much easier to file a claim with your moving company. Plus, the more details you have, the easier it will be to find and order a replacement if needed.

We hope these tips, and the ones in our previous post, help make your move as stress-free as possible. To learn more about how to use Stockpile free home inventory system at home check back with us soon. Ready to get started? Try Stockpile now!

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