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free online inventory managementSmall businesses everywhere are rejoicing over Stockpile. Our simple yet useful inventory software makes online inventory management quick and easy. At Canvus, we specialize in small business and home solutions to everyday problems.

The problem is too many small businesses track their inventory on a sheet of paper. That equals extra effort along with wasted time and paper...

online inventory management for small businessWe solved this problem by building a simple and easy-to-use inventory system that can be adapted over time to your small business's specific uses and needs. The next time you pick up your pencil only to find your list is no longer where you left it and have to begin again you'll be wish you had used Stockpile. It's quick, easy to use and doesn't cost a thing. So what are you waiting for?

Login for free and enter in your current stock. Then you're free from that paper list forever. Of course, you can still print out your list once you've entered your data into Stockpile. But now that kills trees doesn't it!

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Don't be a tree killer! Use Stockpile inventory management for your small business.