Leading the Free Inventory Software Revolution

online small business inventoryAt Canvus, we draw from more than 100 years of combined leadership and technical experience in industries such as: higher education, telecommunications, government, supply chain and manufacturing, and health care. Our team of do'ers and leaders ensure we get the right mix of innovation and service to you.

Small Business Solutions

Small businesses need innovative solutions that are affordable (even free) and effective. A well-rounded and useful solution is at the core of our creative values. That's why it's important that all levels of our company be filled with highly skilled techies and people-focused leaders.

What to Expect from Us

small business solutionsExpect quarterly releases of our online inventory system and the Canvus apps toolset. It's our intent to give you back valuable time so that you can focus on priority #1: your customers. Please, rather pretty please, send us your feedback so we can incorporate your ideas into the next release.

Canvus @pplications

For the past 15 years, founding members of Canvus built enterprise business solutions for some of the largest corporations and institutions in America.

Stockpile, a free small business inventory system, is our first endeavor into small business. Every founding member of our company believes in equal opportunity. It's high time that small businesses everywhere were afforded the same opportunity as their larger counterparts. Welcome, small business owners, to the world of automation!small business inventory system

As we continue to add to Stockpile, in the form of new features and enhancements, we'll also be releasing new applications that help you completely manage your daily operations online. We greatly appreciate and regularly use your feedback. Our company was founded and built for you.