Small Business Technology Trends

Okay small business owners there's a ton of stuff that is at your disposal these days when it comes to turning your office into a digital workplace.  Before we talk tools; however, let's look at a few trends that are becoming increasingly important for small businesses.

First, we need to examine a space that has only recently become a big deal for small business owners.  Cloud computing (the idea of companies like us providing services to you via the internet)  is a big deal!  Think about it.  You've been using cloud services for more than a couple decades now.  Email is a cloud service.  Quickbooks online is another example.  The premise is that the service provider will run and operate the service while you use it.  No more hard drive failures that take you down for days only to realize when you come back online that two years worth of transactions are missing!  Ouch!  If you've yet to try out a cloud service, then start here with Stockpile, our free online inventory system.  We take care of your business's data even when you're sleeping.  Now what more could you ask for?

In addition to cloud services, the idea of business process automation is catching on for small businesses of every kind. Whether it keeping track of customers (e.g., on Facebook or LinkedIn) or taking stock of your inventory (that's where we come in!); automation is all around us.  Stockpile is Canvus Applications answer to the pen and paper inventory debacle.  While it's easy to keep track of things with a sheet of paper, you lose a lot o flexibility that comes with managing your inventory online.  So what are you waiting for? Try our small business inventory system, and we promise you won't be sorry. Plus, as one of our first 1,000 customers you'll get to provide feedback that will ultimately steer the product in a direction that exactly suits your business. Now I say again, what are you waiting for? Just sign in!

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