Save Your Sanity During a Staggered Move

With the state of the housing market today staggered moves are becoming more and more common. Many homeowners find themselves needing temporary housing because they have to vacate their current home before their new one is ready for them to move in. This situation can make an already stressful situation that much more difficult to navigate. If you find yourself in this situation, Stockpile can help.

The current inventory of existing homes is still quite low. This contributes to the staggered move phenomenon in two respects. First, your potential buyer may have been looking for awhile and may be anxious to assume occupancy. Second, once your home is sold you may have trouble finding your next home as quickly as you'd like. Many people building new homes are taking on a larger mortgage so they need to avoid a situation where they own two homes. This often leads them to list their existing home early just to be sure it sells before their new dwelling is completed.  Whichever scenario necessitates your temporary housing situation, your needs will be similar. You'll find yourself packing some boxes that won't be opened until you move into your new home and some that you will need to access during the weeks that you are staying in a temporary location.

Once your home is sold you could have a few weeks or even just days to pack your belongings. The less time you have, the more stressful the situation will be. The key to easing this stress is feeling confident that you will be able to find the things that you need while you are living in your temporary location.  We suggest that you start devising a plan the moment you list your home.  The more time you have, the better so planning ahead will be a benefit regardless of  how long it takes to find a buyer. Make a list of items that you will definitely need continuous access to. These are the things that will go to your temporary location with you and can't be packed on the moving truck or sent to storage. Next make a list of items that you're sure you can do without.

The next thing you need to do is start entering both of these sets of items into Stockpile. Stockpile simple inventory solution is a powerful inventory management tool for businesses and homes alike. Entering data is quick and easy. Stockpile is fully customizable allowing you to choose the fields that make the most sense for you. Plus, thanks to locations and areas you can be as specific as you'd like when pinpointing the exact spot where each item will be kept. Stockpile simple inventory solution even allows you to include photos in your item record. This can be especially handy for those items that are living out of sight in storage for weeks on end.

As you start packing you'll find items that you didn't automatically add to either list. You can make a case by case determination on where they should go and add those records.

The more boxes that start cluttering your home, the more time it's going to take for you to locate things. Unless, of course, you're using Stockpile. As you add items to boxes you can update your records to designate exactly how that box is labeled. Forget turning around peeking in half packed boxes trying to find something. Just pull up Stockpile and check to see what room and in which box the item you need can be found. Already packed up your desktop computer? No worries!  Stockpile simple inventory solution is mobile compatible which means you can access your records from your mobile device.

Staggered Moves Are Stressful - Make Life Easier with Stockpile Simple Inventory Solution

Finding temporary housing can be expensive and stressful. Why add the worry of misplacing items to the mix? Get Stockpile today and make your staggered move a little smoother.

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