Collaborate or Perish

Any college professor can tell you the expression is actually "Publish or perish," but universities do tout themselves as collaborative environments ripe for encouraging a sharing of knowledge and ideas.  What they aren't always so good at sharing are their resources. Most of the time it's not because individual departments are selfish, they simply don't have an effective means to let other departments know what resources they have and allow them to borrow what they need.  Fortunately, Stockpile fast easy online inventory solution can help.

Stockpile is a fully customizable inventory management solution that allows users to create the fields that will be more useful for their application.  You decide what information you'd like to include within an item record. Forget about skus, barcodes and other retail related data. If it doesn't make sense to include that information, you can skip it.  If you need a way to distinguish between a dark brown beaker and a light brown beaker, you can add that level of detail to your records.  Stockpile makes it easy to create records that will be beneficial for you.  Want even more assurance that your record is complete? Stockpile allows you to add photographs to item records. Eliminate any concerns about descriptions being misinterpreted. As they say, a photograph is worth a 1,000 words.

Often we receive feedback that Stockpile fast easy online inventory solution sounds great but potential users are concerned about the return on their time investment.  Entering data into Stockpile is quick and easy, but it will still take some time. In the long run it will save you countless wasted hours searching for items that you've misplaced, or worse don't even have.  Stockpile allows you create both locations and areas for items. An example would be item A is stored in the location: storeroom 203 in the area: shelf 2. Once items are entered by location and area you will always know exactly where to find the things that you need. Quit wasting time searching for things. Why wait around for someone to be available to help you find what you need? Stockpile is always available. Plus, it's mobile compatible so you can check item availability anytime, from anywhere. Why make a trip to the office to see if you have the supplies you need? You can check stock at your convenience.

More importantly, you can share this information with your colleagues. Now other departments will be aware that you have items they might need and are willing to share with them. Talk about improved collaboration! How often have you purchased items for your department only to later learn that you could have just borrowed them from another department? Not only was this duplication a waste of funds, it also took time for someone to decide on an item and make the purchase.  Streamlining your process will free up  your time so that you can focus on more important tasks.  Offering to share items can also generate goodwill which can be invaluable when you need an interdepartmental favor.

Collaborate with Ease Thanks to Stockpile Fast Easy Online Inventory Solution

University employees are constantly being pulled in multiple directions. Trying to please administration, faculty, students, parents and alumni can be stressful. Keeping track of your department's inventory doesn't have to be. Stockpile makes it easy.  Best of all, Stockpile is available for free, so what have you got to lose? Try Stockpile today!

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