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Did someone say inventory management? That’s right we did! Stockpile is the world’s best free online inventory management system.

Empty Shelves to Empty Stores

Having one or two empty spots on your shelves might not seem like a big deal. So what if you sold out of a few things? You have lots of other stuff for sale and that's all that matters, right? Not necessarily. What if your customer came in specifically to get the item that you…
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Get Schooled with Stockpile

All teachers have supplies. Even if you have only ever taught a single grade, and are fortunate enough to stay in the same classroom year after year, it can be a challenge to keep track of your supplies and remember what needs to be replenished.  Add in the complication of changing grades and/or moving rooms…
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Collaborate or Perish

Any college professor can tell you the expression is actually "Publish or perish," but universities do tout themselves as collaborative environments ripe for encouraging a sharing of knowledge and ideas.  What they aren't always so good at sharing are their resources. Most of the time it's not because individual departments are selfish, they simply don't…
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Major in Inventory Management

University employees have a lot on their plates. They are responsible for educating the next generation while trying to keep faculty, staff, alumni, parents and students all happy. Plus professors are under pressure to publish and oversee student projects. Add to that the need to keep track of various items that are constantly be borrowed…
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