Empty Shelves to Empty Stores

simple quick inventory solutionHaving one or two empty spots on your shelves might not seem like a big deal. So what if you sold out of a few things? You have lots of other stuff for sale and that's all that matters, right? Not necessarily. What if your customer came in specifically to get the item that you are out of? Now they are disappointed. What if they really need that item right away? They're going to have to go somewhere else to get it. Sending your customers to your competitors is never a good idea. They may decide that they like your competitor better and take their business there on a permanent basis. Suddenly your empty shelves turn into empty stores because your customers are shopping elsewhere.

How do you keep from running out of the items that your customers are looking for? Inventory management is the answer. We know that small business owners have lots of things to worry about. There are only so many hours in the day and sometimes it's hard to decide what to focus on. It's inevitable that something will fall through the cracks. It doesn't have to be your inventory management tasks. Stockpile simple quick inventory solution makes it easy to manage your inventory allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business.

Adding items into Stockpile is quick and easy. Plus, Stockpile is fully customizable so you can choose the fields that you include in your item record.  We understand that different businesses need different information and we want to make it easy for you to find the details that you need when you need them. Tracking items within a single location or across multiple locations is simple as well. Stockpile simple quick inventory solution grows with your small business.

It can be hard to predict what is going to sell well and what isn't. The only way to keep your shelves stocked and your stockroom from overflowing is to keep a watchful eye on your inventory. That's why it's important to use an inventory management solution that allows you to easily run reports so that you can see the big picture.  Stockpile offers a variety of report options so you can get the details you need to make critical business decisions.

Stockpile is also mobile compatible which means you can access your inventory data anytime, from anywhere. Why rush back to the office to check something out? You should be able to view your data when it's convenient for you. Thanks to Stockpile you can!

Avoid Empty Shelves with Our Simple Quick Inventory Solution

Empty shelves can be a big problem. Not having the items your customers want can cost you a lot more than just one sale.  You need to have the items they want when they want them. Keeping your customers happy is the key to your business success.  Using Stockpile to track your inventory is the key to making it easy and stress-free. Try Stockpile today!


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