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Handling Returns and Inventory Management

Sooner or later, customers will want to bring something back. You'll need to restock this item using our inventory management system's add function. This can happen for a number of reasons, which boil down to 2 main cases: 1. The item is in good working order, but they just don't want it. 2. The item…
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Inventory Management: Keeping Customers Happy

Inventory management systems are important to the success of your small business for a multitude of different reasons. Some of those being to monitor product shortages, determining scheduling for purchasing requirements and disposing of obsolete or unsold products. Having what your customers need and want will always be key in sustaining a controlled business model.…
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Keeping Track of Your Stock with Online Inventory Management

Online Inventory System | Stockpile Small Business Inventory Management One of the keys to running your business is understanding your inventory.  How much do you have in-stock?  What about inventory at your other locations?  How long does your inventory sit on your shelves before being sold? As an example, you may have heard of  lean…
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Small Business Technology (free online inventory system)

[heading type="h2" ]Free Online Inventory System | Small Business Tech[/heading] These days small businesses struggle to keep up with the ever changing business climate. Not to mention times are tough and it's hard to get funding for new tools. That's exactly why we created Stockpile, a free online inventory system. Wouldn't you give anything for…
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