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Finding a Work / Life Balance in a Small Business

Much has been written about the need for work/life balance, particularly for women. If you own your own business, you should let Stockpile make at least your inventory management duties a bit easier. Consider the following. This summer the debate raged anew thanks to a cover story in The Atlantic magazine entitled "Why Women Still…
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Small businesses should consider an Inventory Management System

Businesses both big and small can benefit from inventory management system. Unfortunately, many small businesses do not take advantage of this type of system simply because of the costs involved. Their goal is to keep costs at a minimum, so that they can expand their business. However, implementing this type of software solution as early…
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Stockpile by Canvus Apps. New Online Inventory System.

Us small business owners have many tough challenges that face us day in and day out. Due to this, we need to be careful when it comes to our resource control, our liquidity and our supply (inventory). That's the whole point of our new online inventory system, Stockpile. There is little room for major mistakes…
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