A Rose By Any Other Name….

A rose by any other name might smell as sweet, but it is sure to annoy the heck out of whoever is trying to help you locate one. I was standing in a store recently choking back laughter as I listened to a woman repeatedly (and with some frustration) ask an employee where she could find “one of those little pink thingies for the kitchen.” The woman kept waving her hands for emphasis and waiting to be pointed in the right direction. She couldn’t understand why the store clerk couldn’t help her. In my mind, I was running through the list of possible kitchen items that might come in pink. I came up with a few ideas, but I didn’t stick around long enough to find out whether or not I was on target. The point is, if the lady had known what to call the item I’m sure her search would have been much more successful. It's exactly why we recommend that users of our online inventory system do their best to come up with a naming convention that will resonate with their staff.  It makes tracking things and finding stock in our online inventory system a lot easier!

As a customer, it’s important to know the name of the item you’re looking for, or at least be able to describe it in detail. It is equally important for your employees to be familiar with your stock both by name and description so that they can help your customers in a timely manner. Perhaps the most important part of the process is accurately, and completely, entering item information into your online inventory system.

With Stockpile, you have the ability to not only add inventory into the system, but to also add details as needed. Having an item listed only by proper name, manufacturer’s name and SKU will only get you so far. If your customer comes in with only a vague description of the item they are seeking you may not make the connection. By adding labels to your item entry you’ll have additional searchable details that can help your employees determine what your customer needs. If for instance, you could pull up a list of pink kitchen items you might get lucky and find the exact item. Even if you don’t strike gold, you may suggest an item or two that are similar enough they help your customer provide the additional information that you need to figure out what they are describing.

A good online inventory system not only helps you and your employees but it actively benefits your customers as well. Thanks to Stockpile, your employees will have access to the detailed information they need to answer customer questions. Since Stockpile is mobile friendly, employees won’t have to run to a computer in the back of the store to look up items. They can use a mobile phone or a tablet to pull up inventory data right on the sales floor. The detailed location information will tell them exactly where in the store to find the item. Nothing makes a customer happier than finding what they want quickly and easily. Our online inventory system helps you achieve that goal, giving you happy customers, happy employees and one happy boss. Now that’s sweet!

If you haven’t started using Stockpile, now is the time. Our free inventory management solution will revolutionize the way you track inventory. Don’t worry about the set up, getting started with our online inventory system is quick and easy. Sign up for Stockpile today!

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