Stockpile Inventory System Tips: Changing a User Password

Change a User's Password

Who has access to Perform this task: Owner, Manager. Owners have the ability to change Managers and Base User passwords. Managers have the ability to change Base User passwords.


  1. Login to the website at
  2. Click on Settings in the Header next to the user's name.
  3. Click on users from the drop down list.
  4. The Manage Users page will load. Click on the Set Password button for the user.
  5. The Set Password page will load. Enter in the Password in the Password field.
  6. Enter in the same Password in the Confirm field.
  7. Click the Save button button. This password will be applied immediately to the user's account.

FYI - Passwords can also be reset by the user on the User login page by clicking on the Forgotten Password link. This will prompt the user to enter in the registered email address. The user will receive an email with instructions on how to reset their password.

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