Stockpile Inventory Management System: Another Take on Locations

An inventory management system for everyone!

An inventory management system keeps track of your stock, whether it is incoming, outgoing, or simply moving around internally. We've highlighted sales and ordering frequently, but the inside moves are just as important. At first glance, you may equate a Stockpile Location with a physical store and set your Areas up as more specific locations within that store. This is a great way to go if it suits your business. A transfer is a common function for businesses with multiple addresses. But what about other sorts of moves?

We like to keep Stockpile simple and flexible enough to accommodate any workflow. Even with just one retail location, you may have items in different places such as:

* a storage unit

* warehouse

* a workshop

* the storefront

* the clearance bin

Areas are a perfectly good for this but you may consider setting them up as Locations instead. This is a little outside of the box, but allows you to track moves with transactions. Like any Stockpile transaction, you can add comments, see a history on the item's page, and report on quantities available at each location.

Consider a simple warehouse/storefront arrangement. These are really 2 locations. Transfers between them are a regular part of your operation and should be discretely tracked. A less obvious example would be a craft business. Multiple fabrication stages could also be Locations. This would allow you to see your production pipeline on our standard reports. You could see potential availability issues in advance and make the necessary adjustments.

If  you haven't already, get started with Stockpile today, it's free!

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