Statuses and Locations in Our Inventory Management Software

Recently, we had a question come up by one of our favorite users. While using our inventory management software, they came up with the need to track statuses. In this post, we'll analyze how to go about doing this without making it a hassle to report against and manage. Stockpile, inventory management software from Canvus Apps, was built flexible. As you'll see by reading this post, it's super easy to tailor certain fields and their use to make your process nightmares much easier to deal with.

The user in question needed the ability to track part refurbish orders from receipt to shipped. To do this, we had to get creative with the location field. Given that our inventory management software is very location-driven, we worked with the company to make use of this field in another manner. Rather than have a location be Warehouse 1 or Supply Room X, we used the location field to track areas (virtual or physical) inside their warehouse. For example, they needed to track four workflow statues: received, held, rejected, ready to ship. What we did is create a location for each workflow status. So the locations they have are the statuses mentioned above.

As the incoming product moves from status to status (e.g., received to held), all the user needs to do is make use of the inventory transfer function. This way they track their products by status rather than location. Truth be told; each status represents a physical area within their warehouse so the notion of being location driven still applies. If you need more help understanding how to do this for your company, please create an account and submit a help request from within the application. We'll get back to you within a day.

As you can see, our inventory management software is super easy to use and flexible enough for almost any small business. Stockpile is FREE, now and forever. And our inventory management software also comes with FREE support. We're constantly incorporating customer feedback by developing new features you ask for. It's a new way to approach inventory management for your small business. So what are you waiting for? Signup today and get started! Happy inventorying!

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