“Spring” Cleaning Your Home With Stockpile

Free inventory software that will get the "stains out"!

Did you put off spring cleaning? Did you somehow manage to ignore all the tips and tricks pushing you to purge and organize? Feeling guilty? Don’t! Now is a great time to do some “spring” cleaning. Would you like to find a way to achieve long term sustainable results? If you incorporate Stockpile, free inventory software, into your spring cleaning you can create a system that will help you stay organized for years to come.

Stockpile, the world's best free inventory software, can’t help you get the stains out of your furniture, carpet or walls, but we can help you de-clutter and create a system that will keep you organized.

First, remember that spring cleaning is a process. Don’t try to do everything at once. Choose a room or a specific area to focus on. Don’t move on to another part of your home until you’ve completed the first one.

As you sort through the clothes in the closet, knickknacks on the shelves or supplies in the office make four piles - Discard, Donate, Keep, and Sell. The Discard pile is easy. Grab a Hefty bag and fill it up. Done! The Donate pile can be a little trickier as you may wish to donate different items to different organizations and you will need records for tax purposes. Having some boxes handy to organize the items you’d like to sell can be helpful. Label the outside of the box with your plan for selling the items and then set that aside.

Of course, the most difficult pieces to deal with are the ones you plan to keep. If they were stored where they were supposed to be, great. You can put them back right where you found them and move on. More likely than not however, there were several items that shouldn’t have been where you found them. Now you need to relocate to them to their proper home where you are likely to find other items that are not where they should be kept either. Relax. This is where implementing Stockpile can help.

As you replace items on the shelf, in the cabinet, closet or whatever location you are working in create a location in Stockpile. Our free inventory software allows you to enter locations for physical spaces, as well as, any virtual space you may have in mind. Add the items to the newly created area. Now you have a record of what you have and where you keep it. Moving something to the attic or storage area? Record it in Stockpile. Next time you need it, access your files and look it up. No more wandering around the house trying to remember where you put something the last time you cleaned. Admit it, we’ve all done it. Tired of storing piles of things that you seldom use in places that you pass everyday? With Stockpile you can box them up and move them to storage without fearing that out of sight will equal out of mind and you will forget that you even have them. By creating an electronic record of what we have and where we keep it we don’t have to rely on memory. We don’t have to worry that we won’t be able to find what we need when we need it. Afraid that you’ll waste time one day looking for something that you discarded, sold or donated? You can track those outcomes in Stockpile as well.
This summer, don’t just clean your home - create a system that will allow you to keep it organized for years to come. Don’t wait, try Stockpile today! It's free and happens to be the world's best free inventory software!

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