Small Business Tips on Point of Sale Systems

Point of Sale and Free Inventory Management Software Creates Nimble Business

Researching point of sale solutions can be overwhelming. There are so many options and systems are so customizable, that it can be hard to determine which one is right for you. Now is a great time to purchase a point of sale system so we wanted to take a few minutes to outline the choices to help get you started in the decision making process. We know how important the front office is to our customers because we make the back office sing with efficiency. Our free inventory management software makes warehouse work, stockroom chores and even garage organization a breeze. Try it out after reading this article.

Point of sale systems (POS) are becoming more affordable, more convenient and easier to use. In addition to fixed point solutions, there are also mobile and Wi-Fi enabled systems available. Whether you are a small single vendor business or a bustling restaurant requiring multiple terminals, there is a point of sale system that is right for you. Just like our free inventory management software, POS tools are tailored to capable of a wide range of configurations to fit your business's needs.

Choosing the right point of sale system is critical. You don’t want to miss out on functionality that could really help your business, but you shouldn’t pay for features that you won’t use either. Point of sale systems are much more than just glorified cash registers. A good system allows you to capture all sorts of information. You can manage your inventory, track sales, run reports and perform marketing tasks all in one system.

The first step in the process is to determine how you would like to use your system and what you would like for it to do for you. If you need to move around while making sales a mobile system is the way to go. If you prefer to have just one stationary sales terminal you might be better off forgoing the mobility in favor of adding additional features and functionality that would really work for you.

Make sure that you are clear on whether the hardware you choose will work with a variety of point of sale software or if it requires a proprietary system. There are pros and cons to each and you want to be sure that you get the one that is going to work for you. If you're in doubt, go with the cloud. We host our free inventory management software with Amazon and many POS systems do the same. Aside from swiping cards or using an internet browser, then cloud makes you forget about hardware issues.

Don’t forget that payment processing is their primary function though. Any system that you choose needs to be able to handle any type of payment that you might receive. Some systems are available for free with a credit processing agreement. This may sound like a great deal, but before signing on the dotted line read the agreement carefully. Often these deals come with three to five year contracts. Make sure that you know what you’re agreeing to before you commit. Another option is to pay for a system that allows you to choose your processor. Depending on your business needs, this option may be more cost-effective in the long run.

Review the customer service policies and any support related reviews that you can find. Even the best system is useless if it stops working. You want to be sure that whichever company you go with provides timely support and will keep your system up and running.

For more information on choosing the point of sale system that is right for you, check back with us. And to get a boost in business efficiency, try our free inventory management software today! For more information on how to deal with growth, check out the rest of our series.

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