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Summer is coming and that means it's time to plan your vacation if you haven't already done it. While we can't be your travel agent and help you decide where to go, we can provide some tips on how to have a successful vacation. We'll also share some Stockpile simple inventory system tips so that you can actually go on vacation without worrying about inventory issues.

Most people say that they look forward to vacation to get some rest and relaxation. Unfortunately, most vacations include too much of another "R" - running around. We get the desire to see and do as much as you can when you're visiting someplace but that constant go-go-go leaves many vacationers feeling like they need a vacation to recover from their vacation. Here are some tips to help you get the maximum benefits out of your next vacay.

Plan Ahead

Yep! We're starting off with our perennial favorite advice, plan ahead. Research your destination and decide what your must do activities are. Make time for those and then add in others only if you have so much downtime that you find yourself feeling bored. Remember a little bit of time lazing around enjoying the scenery is a good thing. Just because you're not going and doing that doesn't mean you're not getting something out of the experience. Part of the reason vacations are so good for you is the chance they give you to rest up and recharge your batteries. Make the most of it.


Money woes are always stressful. Make a budget for your vacation before you go and stick to it. Remember to include more than just the cost of getting to your destination and lodging charges. You'll also have to eat while you're away, plus there will be fees for places you visit and any souvenirs you pick up along the way. Allow for a cushion to cover any unexpected costs that could crop up as well. No one wants to get a speeding ticket or find out that the airline misplaced their luggage but these things do happen. If you have a little extra in your budget you can deal with these inconveniences without it causing you too much stress.

Pack Appropriately 

There are many different types of packers. Some people can't go away unless they bring half their possessions with them. Others are minimalists who try to get by with next to nothing. We actually recommend going somewhere in between. You don't want to haul heavy bags around, but you also don't want to have buy clothing or shoes because you didn't bring what you need. Review your itinerary and the weather. If you know that you plan to hike or swim make sure you pack the necessary gear. Keep your bag light but adequately packed with the stuff you'll need to enjoy your vacation. Don't forget things like bug spray and sunscreen. If you're visiting an especially touristy destination these items can be overpriced if you have to pick them up onsite.

Don't Worry - Be Happy  

Your vacation is supposed to be fun and relaxing so don't stress over every little thing. Yes, there may be some surprises along the way. No matter how carefully you plan there are variables that are out of your control such as traffic and weather. Staying calm and finding ways to make the best of the situation can keep these inconveniences from sucking the fun out of your trip. The rest of your group will feed off of each other so if you keep your cool, chances are they will too.

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