Picture Perfect

Memories are preserved by the photos we take. Thanks to technology most people are able to snap photos anytime with their mobile devices. Professional photography is still a booming business. Most people appreciate the opportunity to have a professional set the pose and control the lighting so that they can put their best face forward. Today we're going to talk about how studios can use Stockpile easy free inventory solution to streamline the process and make keeping track of images even easier.

Step One: Smile!

The first step is to capture the images. Once the images are snapped and stored on digital memory cards they need to be tracked. There is something very unprofessional about sitting down with a client and showing them images of someone else's photo shoot.

Step Two: Behind the Scenes

Technology has given photographers the power to quickly and easily retouch images and most clients expect that royal treatment. They are counting on you to tame stray hair, remove funny shadows and even open up closed eyes. If you have someone on staff who handles this retouching for you it's important for you to stay apprised of where they are in the process.

This is where Stockpile easy free inventory solution comes in. It's important a record that allows any staff member to locate the images. It's quick and easy to add a client record when photos are taken. Then other employees can update the image location as it moves through processing. You don't want to make an educated guess when a client calls to find out how quickly their images will be ready. It makes a much better impression if you can confidently speak about their photos and the time frame that they can expect them to finished.

Step Three: Out and About

Very few studios actually print the larger wall sized portraits onsite. That means at some point you're sending images out for processing. It's important to track the date that your images were sent so that they'll know how long your partners are taking to complete the work. Many times when you hire a new vendor you get great service and fast turn around time in the beginning. Sadly, once you reach client status your times get longer as they work to attract and impress new clients. It's good to recognize this slide and stop it before it becomes a bottleneck that threatens your business reputation. If you're using Stockpile easy free inventory solution you'll be able to easily identify the trend.

Step Four: Ready to Hang

Finally the pictures are ready for client pickup. Again, it's good for your studio to have a record of delivery. Recording details such as the number of prints, sizes, and even custom add-ons such as frames and other merchandise can be helpful for studio owners. Say down the road your client wants to order additional prints or they want an exact reproduction of a previous order. It can be very helpful to have a record of what they ordered.

Get a Picture Perfect Studio with Our Easy Free Inventory Solution

Stockpile makes impressing your clients easy. Thanks to full customization you can choose which field names to include in item records. Why make do with software that was created for another industry? You have unique needs and you deserve a solution that can adapt to meet them. Stockpile does that and more. Why be chained to the studio? These days location shoots are all the rage. You should be able to access your inventory data even when you're on the go. Because Stockpile is mobile compatible you can access your data from any mobile device. Improve the level of professionalism that you are able to provide your clients and grow your business. Try Stockpile today!

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