Inventory Management for Small Business

Inventory management is oftentimes one of the most tedious tasks a business owner will perform. Especially if you're constantly going back to pen and paper, drawing yourself a new checklist and updating the stock counts each and every week. This is a time consuming process that adds little to the bottom line. However, if you're not careful and keep good count of your stock, then your products sometimes might have a way of wandering off. We understand. That's exactly why we built Stockpile.  At Canvus, we're committed to being a grassroots company focused on the needs of small business owners. We're exceptionally proud to offer our inventory system for free. As your needs evolve we also plan to evolve.  Make use of the help form inside our application to submit new feature requests. Don't be afraid to ask because we're listening. Stockpile is only as good as its user community; so drop us a note and we'll be quick to respond.

Regardless of  the type of small business you own, our online inventory management system is flexible enough to meet your needs.  Set up your items by area, manufacturer, SKU, UPC and more.  Small businesses everywhere enjoy the freedom that online information brings.  Enjoy the benefits of being there without having to be there when performing your inventory management online.  Track your sales, stock levels and more. Not to mention you can forgo that expensive IT support because we're responsible for securing your data and ensuring the services are online at all times. We'll only take our services offline in the case of an emergency and/or schedule maintenance.  Aside from that, you don't have to worry about computer viruses, failed hard drives or buggy software.  We'll provide the service and you use it.  It's that simple!

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