Down to the Wire

fast inventory solutionAre some of your employees really good at waiting until the last minute to get things done? Would they rather do just about anything except finish the job at hand? Do they look for ways to avoid work and often miss deadlines? If you answered yes to any of these questions you probably have some procrastinators on staff. While some people work well under pressure and may be able to pull off miraculous results at the wire, others are going to turn in sub par work. Don't let your business suffer because you have some time management challenged staff. Keep reading for some great tips to motivate these people and ways that you can use Stockpile fast inventory solution to free up your own time.

Make Them Accountable

Slackers love to hide behind their teammates. If they get others to step up and do the job for them, more the better. Making each member of the team responsible for specific tasks makes them individually accountable for output.

Set Incremental Deadlines 

Just because a project needs to be completed by a certain end date that doesn't mean that's the only day that should be circled on the calendar. Setting dates to check in on the status of the project can things moving in a timely manner. It also gives you a chance to monitor progress and make sure that things are going the way you'd hoped. You don't want to find out at the last minute that a mistake was made days or weeks ago. Catching small issues early can keep them from becoming a much bigger headache.

Encourage Collaboration 

If teammates are working together and touching base with each other they will have a good idea of what's being done. No one will get away with putting things off until the last minute. The go-getters will gladly encourage procrastinators to stay on task and keep things moving along.

Show Your Appreciation 

If you want people to complete tasks in a timely manner it's a good idea to let them know how much you value and appreciate this trait. Someone who is predisposed to put things off will be much more likely to do that if they feel like you're fine with it. Let them know that you notice and respect when jobs are completed early instead of just on time.

Finding Time to Focus

Most small business owners would love to have the time to focus on employee management more. It's just hard to balance all the tasks vying for their attention. Stockpile can help. Inventory management is one of the biggest, and most time consuming, chores plaguing small business owners. Using Stockpile fast inventory solution allows you eliminate the headaches associated with this function. Adding items to Stockpile is quick and easy. Because Stockpile is fully customizable you choose which fields to include in item records. This allows you to adapt the system to your unique business needs. Updating records is easy as well. Stockpile is available for free so you can allow multiple employees to access the system. You won't have to be solely responsible for keeping your data up to date. Running reports is simple as well. Just a few clicks and you can generate the reports you need.

Looking for ways to improve your small business? Want to save time and money and have more opportunities to focus on growing your business? The answer is Stockpile, the fast inventory solution designed for your small business. Ready to see what we can do for you? Try Stockpile today!




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