Stockpile: Multiple Locations and Online Inventory Management

Managing inventory for multiple locations is a need a large number of business owners have. Canvus Apps understands this need and has allowed you to integrate multiple locations into its simple but robust online inventory management system Stockpile. Let’s take a closer look at how you would add a location in Stockpile. ADDING A LOCATION…
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Weekly Recap from Canvus maker of THE free online inventory system

Our weekly recap in news and notes from around the web in the world of Small Business follows. Before we get to the success story, a word from our sponsor. Have you tried our free online inventory system, Stockpile? If not, you don't know what you're missing:-) These tidbits can be related to information from…
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Online Inventory Management Systems

The objective of inventory management is to provide uninterrupted production, sales, and/or customer-service levels at minimum cost. For many small businesses, inventory is the largest item in the current assets category. That's exaxtly why we built Stockpile, our free online inventory management system. Inventory problems can and do contribute to losses or even business failures.…
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