Stockpile is online inventory management made simple

Canvus Applications is proud to have released, Stockpile, our free online inventory management system. We did this for a number of reasons: experiences while working in the family business(es) experiences working for some of the most prestigious Universities in the US  experiences working with Fortune 500 companies We're proud to have a broad background of experiences.…
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Getting to Know Stockpile: Managing Areas

Our free online inventory system has a little something for everyone. Stockpile let's you track your inventory in a number of ways. Some of these include SKU number, manufacturer, location and area. Today we'll look at how to manage your areas with Stockpile. You can use areas to organize your items however best meets your needs.…
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Understanding Stockpile: Adding Inventory

Stockpile, the small business inventory system from Canvus Apps, was designed to be easy to use. In the same vein, the mnore you simplify something the more necessary the need to explain each assumption (in this case what should be put in each field of our inventory system).  Let's take a look at the fields…
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