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Why Should I Manage My Inventory

Managing inventory besides payroll management is the largest expense occurred from business operations. Businesses will find an Inventory Management System that will allow them to minimize storage expenses while meeting customer demand. Most Inventory systems implemented at companies are integrated with accounting systems to improve operating efficiencies. The benefits of managing inventory electronically include: Real…
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Average Cost

What is average cost? Simply put, it is the total cost of any item that you produce or acquire, divided by the total quantity that you made or bought. This can be calculated for a given time period or it can be calculated continuously. This average lets you value the cost of your remaining inventory…
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Benefits of SaaS and Inventory Management

As we all know, it's never fun to leave the office only to realize that you forgot to remove that last sale from stock. Or how about when you just want to check to see how the day went? Do you have to drive back into the office or can you simply pull out your…
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Inventory @ Your Finger Tips!

Small business technology comes in many flavors and sizes.  How do you then determine the best solution for your small business?  The answer’s actually pretty easy to deduce if you use the following key comparison points: Ease of access: Do you have to go into the office to figure out what you current stock counts…
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