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Understanding Stockpile Online Inventory Management: Adding and Editing a Location

Free Online Inventory Management | Small Business Inventory Management Hello small business owner! For a great number of us small business owners, we need to manage inventory for multiple locations. That's just one of the features you'll find in Stockpile online inventory management. Canvus Apps understands this need and has allowed you to integrate multiple…
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Getting to Know Stockpile: Adding Users to your Inventory System

online inventory system for small business As a small business owner, you may be used to doing a whole lot by yourself, including updating your inventory system. When you are wearing a lot of hats, ¬†tracking your inventory online with Stockpile will certainly make your life easier. But what if you have some help already?…
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Using Stockpile: Managing Manufacturers in your Inventory System

Earlier, we saw how you could use managing areas within Stockpile, our new online inventory system. These areas help divide up your inventory into certain areas that you decide on. Entering manufacturers is another way of grouping your inventory, but this time with the intent being the manufacturer of the item. By adding a manufacturer…
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