Small Business Online Inventory Management Advice

For any type of small business, properly maintaining and managing inventory is effective in maximizing profit and minimizing loses. Stockpile, our online inventory management tool, was built just for small business owners. To get started managing your inventory online, sign up today and enjoy this new, free online resource. If you operate a small business…
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When less is more. Online inventory management takes less time!

Online Inventory Management with Stockpile We've all heard the old adage that less is more. We'll in the case of the time it takes you to count, recount and update your stock each week; this holds true. Stockpile is Canvus Apps venture into small business software. Our online inventory management tool allows you to input…
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Finding a Work / Life Balance in a Small Business

Much has been written about the need for work/life balance, particularly for women. If you own your own business, you should let Stockpile make at least your inventory management duties a bit easier. Consider the following. This summer the debate raged anew thanks to a cover story in The Atlantic magazine entitled "Why Women Still…
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