How a small business can manage inventory cost during a downturn

The mortgage crisis that began in the Summer 2008 has changed the way many Americans live. More than four years later, the economy is not that much better and small business owners are trying to find a way to manage cost until a steady growth in business activity is realized. Some believe the economy may…
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How to select a inventory management system for your small business

Maintaining correct inventory levels for your small business is a tough challenge. If not properly managed, your inventory can result in a significant expense for your business. The cost of carrying inventory has become a major expenditure and requires extreme attention. The benefits of properly controlling your inventory far outweigh the costs of not doing…
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Stockpile is online inventory management made simple

Canvus Applications is proud to have released, Stockpile, our free online inventory management system. We did this for a number of reasons: experiences while working in the family business(es) experiences working for some of the most¬†prestigious Universities in the US ¬†experiences working with Fortune 500 companies We're proud to have a broad background of experiences.…
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