When the New Wears Off

simple home inventory systemSome people believe that things aren't good until they're broken in, others really like the shiny newness. For those people, the challenge is learning to love their stuff once the new wears off and resisting the urge to buy something new simply because it is new. In the interest of helping you declutter and keep your home organized, we're here today with some tips to help you make better buying decisions to that you'll love your stuff - even when it's old and well worn.

  1. Resist the impulse buy. Impulse buys are often items that we don't really need to begin with. They are things that catch our eye and entice us to buy, even though we don't actually need the item, and most likely didn't even want it until we saw it. Part of what makes us want the item is its appearance, often it is the shiny newness that appeals so much. This means that once the new wears off we are likely to be left wondering what ever possessed us to buy this in the first place. That is a one way ticket to the donation pile, for sure.
  2. Research options. When you are considering a purchase, research your options. The best way to guarantee you will be satisfied with your decision is to ensure that you are getting the features that you want. If you purchase an item that will meet your needs longterm you are much more likely to continue valuing it, even when it becomes old and worn.
  3. Do I really need it? Ask yourself this basic question, "Do I really need it?" If the answer is yes, then you will likely be happy with your purchase for a good while. If you are buying something that you don't really need, you may only like it while it is shiny and new. When the new wears off you will probably find yourself looking for the next big thing.

If you purchase items that you really need, that provide the features and functionality that will meet your needs long term, you have a much higher probability of being happy with your purchase over time. Reducing the amount of stuff that we own not only saves us money, it saves time as well. Most of us spend entirely too much managing our stuff, searching for things that we can't find and all too often, replacing things that don't need to be replaced.

Buy Better Thanks to Stockpile Simple Home Inventory System

Luckily, Stockpile can help. Stockpile simple home inventory system was designed for small businesses, but it is perfect for at home use as well. Stockpile makes it easy to track items within a single location or across multiple locations, yes, neighbor who likes to borrow things we're looking at you. Because Stockpile is fully customizable you can choose which fields to add to item records. There's no need to worry about having to add information that you don't need or want to track. Plus, Stockpile is mobile compatible which means you can access your inventory data anytime from anywhere. Now, that should make buying decisions a whole lot easier! Thanks to Stockpile simple home inventory system you'll be able to find what you need when you need it. You'll always know what you own and it will be easy to get, and stay, organized. Take control of your stuff with Stockpile. Try it today!

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