What’s in a Name?

simple free home inventoryPeople often have different names for things. Soda vs. pop, crisps vs. chips, lift as opposed to elevator. Some of these differences are the result of where you're from and most of them are just interesting. When the people who share your home have different names for things it can be problematic. Using Stockpile simple free home inventory system allows everyone to easily look up the location of what they need, as long as they know what it's called. To avoid the confusion and frustration that different names can cause you can use labels. Today's post will tell you how this helps so that you (and everyone else in your home) can get the most out of our system.

Whatcha Call It 

Okay, we can't help you if you really can't think of the name at all. Let's just get that out of the way right now. If someone is looking for a thingamabob, doodad, doohickey, or a whatchamacallit, we can't help you devise a way for them to search it up in the system. For everything else we have some tips, so keep reading.


First, take a moment to consider your names as you enter items in Stockpile. Do you want to name shoes by their brand or their style? For example, you could use Nike, Vans, and Adidas or just sneakers. What if only some of the people in your house call them sneakers? Other words include trainers, tennis shoes, and court shoes. Someone searching for the wrong term wouldn't find what they are looking for unless you use labels. Choosing your original name carefully can make it as easy as possible for most people and labels will help everyone else.

In This Case Labels Are Good 

In today's politically correct climate we tend to try to avoid using labels but when it comes to Stockpile records labels are a good thing. Using labels allows you to include other terms people might use to locate items. This allows you to add additional names for things so that the record can be accessed by searching those terms as well.

Tag It 

You can even use labels to indicate which member of your family owns an item. There are a number of instances where you might want to search for one person's shoes or to see if they have a backpack or a pair of gloves. Pulling up all the gloves in the house might not be bad but being able to see just what you want is better. Using labels can allow you to narrow your results so that you can find what you seek faster.

Save Time, Save Money

Who doesn't love saving time and money? Stockpile lets you do both. Creating item records is quick and easy and once your data is in our system you'll have so much saving power at your fingertips. Easily track what you own so that you don't buy things you don't need. See what needs to be replaced so that you can take advantage of seasonal discounts. Avoid multiple trips to the store for items you forgot or things that need to be returned because you didn't need it in the first place. Because Stockpile simple free home inventory solution is mobile compatible you can "see" your inventory on the go. This makes it easy to make better purchasing decisions. Want to know how much you usually pay for something? If you included purchase price in your records you'll have that info at your fingertips. You can even track warranty info and details on ordering parts or accessories. Stockpile simple free home inventory system is fully customizable which allows you to track that data that matters to you.

Stockpile Simple Free Home Inventory System

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