Viva Vacation!

It's that time of year again. If you aren't actively planning your next vacation, you're probably thinking about it. Whether vacation to you means the ocean or the mountains, a big adventure or relaxing in luxury, everyone looks forward to getting away. We can't plan your next trip for you, but we can give you some tips that just might help you enjoy it a little bit more. As always, we'll even have Stockpile small business free inventory tool tips at the end of this post.

Lost in a Daydream

As pleasant as that might sound, there can be some serious consequences for spending too much time daydreaming about your upcoming getaway. It's easy to be distracted this time of year. The weather is finally warming up, the flowers are blooming, birds are singing and most people would be rather be anywhere other than work. Add the excitement of an impending trip and it's no wonder your mind wants to wander. Just remember that going through the days leading up to your trip in a bit of a fog can lead to missed deadlines, overlooked details and more. You might get out the door on your vacation before it catches up to you, but you could get called while you're away or hit with big problems as soon as you get back. Both of those scenarios are sure to detract from the rejuvenation that you were probably counting on getting from your vacation. Stay focused on work while you're there. You can daydream about your trip over lunch or in the evenings after work.

While the Cat's Away

This is another area that you should devote some attention to before your trip. Who will cover your tasks while you're gone? If someone has a question that you would normally answer, who can they ask in your absence? If you manage employees make sure that you leave a list of tasks for them to work on while you're gone. Just because you're on vacation that doesn't mean they have a license to slack off until you get back. If you have a direct line and/or e-mail be sure to set your out of office notification along with the name and number of someone who can be contacted in your absence. There is nothing worse than coming back from vacation to an inbox full of messages from frustrated people who don't know why you haven't gotten back to them yet. Taking a little time to make sure that things will run smoothly while you're gone can really make your reentry into the real world a lot less stressful.

Don't Dive Right in

Many people think they have to dive right in the minute they get back in the office. While that may make you seem dedicated and like a model employee, it can also be counterproductive. You should talk to other employees to get caught up to speed on anything that happened while you were gone. Those same people probably want to hear about your vacation, as well. Taking a minute to share photos and stories of your trip before you start working can be less disruptive than a day full of interruptions that keep you from being focused and getting anything done. If you want to have a longer, more in depth recap invite some coworkers to lunch or out for drinks after work.

The Three Rs

Normally that refers to reading, writing and arithmetic but in this case we mean rest, relaxation, rejuvenation. This is really the trifecta as far as successful vacations go. No matter where you go or what you do, the hope is that you will get a chance to unwind and recharge your batteries while you're away. If you come back to work refreshed and ready to tackle work challenges with a positive attitude that is the best possible benefit for you, your business, and your coworkers. Don't lose sight of that goal. It can be easy to get caught up in trying to see and do everything. Don't fall into that trap. Remember to plan some downtime each day so that you don't wear yourself out.

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