Transition Can Be Tough

easy free inventory solutionSome business owners are reluctant to embrace technology, others like to have the newest tech toys as soon as they're available. Both groups share one common truth, transitioning to new technology can be tough. Most owners implement new tech in an effort to improve productivity and enhance the customer experience. Unfortunately, during the transition period that is seldom the case. Often employees and customers are frustrated and even simple processes take longer than they normally would. Keep reading for some tips on how to ease the trials of transition. Looking for a headache free solution that you can easily implement? Stockpile is the easy free inventory solution that your business needs.

Hazards Ahead

If you know that you are going to be implementing new software or solutions soon, let your customers know in advance. Your regular customers will have the option to come in again before the changes take place or they can choose to wait until you've had a week or two to adjust. Those customers who do still choose to visit during the transition period will at least have fair warning that things may not be as smooth as normal. Knowing in advance that their experience may take a little longer or that there may be some issues can ease their frustration and reduce your employees' stress.

Please Be Patient

Whether you let customers know ahead of time or not, it's a good idea to announce the new system implementation in your business as it's occurring. This can be a reminder for regular customers and it will let any new customers know that what they are experiencing isn't typical of your business. We all have more patience with the student driver who is going too slowly or braking more frequently than we would someone who is on their phone or otherwise distracted while driving. The same is true for your customers. They will be more understanding if they are informed of the reason for the confusion and delays.

Advance Training 

This may seem like commonsense but you'd be surprised how many business owners expect new technology to be easy to implement. Often they try to implement new processes and solutions without prior training. This may work for some simple systems but in most cases learning a new process is tricky. It requires some trial and error and lots of repetition to get it down. Do you really want your employees learning on the job in front of your customers? It's much better if your employees are trained and ready to go with the new system. This will allow them to provide better customer service and more adequately explain the new process to customers. It's hard to explain something that you barely understand yourself. If your employees find themselves in this situation they may end up "training" your customers incorrectly which can result in numerous issues down the road. Take the time to teach your employees how to use any new solutions you implement. The benefits will far outweigh any costs.

Thanks for Your Support 

If the transition was particularly rocky. If, for instance, customer wait times were lengthy or orders were handled incorrectly you may want to offer customer incentives for those customers who were affected. Even a little thank you can go a long way. You could offer a discount or a free item to be redeemed during a future visit. This will bring your customers back and give your business the chance to show that you have completed the transition and are back to providing superior customer service.

Eliminate Inventory Headaches with Our Easy Free Inventory Solution

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