The Squeaky Wheel

quick easy inventory solutionAccording to the old saying, “the squeaky wheel gets the oil.” Often this is true in life and in business. Those who complain get attention and those that don’t are often overlooked. This strategy can be a costly mistake for your small business. Not all disgruntled customers complain to your staff but that doesn’t mean that they won’t tell their friends about their bad experience or that they will return to your business in the future. Losing customers and having them give you bad reviews in the community can really hurt your small business. How can you tell if someone is dissatisfied with their service? What can you do to fix the situation before it has negative consequences? This post will answer these questions and provide some tips to help you succeed, even when things go wrong. We’ll also have some great tips on using Stockpile quick easy small business inventory solution to benefit your business. Keep reading to learn more.

Get a Clue 

You don’t have to be a detective to pick up on most clues. If you really look at your customers and listen to their comments you’ll probably be able to tell whether or not they’re happy with the service they’re receiving. Smiling customers who make small talk while being served are probably pleased with the overall experience. Someone who is frowning and offers only short, clipped responses may be less than satisfied.

Always Ask

It never hurts to ask your customers how you’re doing. Even if you’re sure you know whether or not they are satisfied with your service you should still ask them. You could get some positive feedback to brighten your day or you might be surprised to learn that someone who seemed satisfied was actually hoping for something more. Either way you’re gaining valuable feedback that can help you improve your level of customer service and grow your business.

Turning a Negative into a Positive

If you think a client is unhappy with your service ask them what you can do to improve their experience. Sometimes just asking is enough to show them that you care and that alone will make a difference in their impression of your business. If they make a specific requests try to accommodate them or explain why you are unable to comply and offer an alternative solution. Often, just knowing that you are trying to make things right can turn a bad situation into a more positive experience.

Ask for Help 

If you are unable to offer a resolution on your own, ask for help. Bringing in a manager or another employee can ensure that you are doing everything you can to improve your customer’s experience. Again, this shows that you are concerned about their satisfaction and trying to provide good customer service. Often the effort makes more of an impression than the ultimate outcome. If a customer feels as if you don’t value their business and don’t care that they are unhappy with their service they are much more likely to complain to friends and family members.

Find Time Thanks to Stockpile Quick Easy Inventory Solution

Improving customer service takes time and focus. Finding that time can be difficult but Stockpile quick easy inventory solution makes it easier to free up hours in your day. Stockpile takes the headache out of inventory management. Creating item records is quick and easy because Stockpile is fully customizable. This allows you to include the information that matters to your unique business. You can track more than just quantity and location. Stockpile quick easy inventory solution is your one stop repository for all kinds of information including warranty details, accessory info, related products and more. You can even include a photo in item records. Of course, we offer superior location tracking functionality. Thanks to areas and locations you can be very specific about where items are stored. Keeping up with items as they move around your business is easy as well. Because Stockpile is available for free you can give multiple employees access to the system. This makes it simple to keep your information up to date and accurate. Stockpile quick easy inventory solution makes inventory management easy whether you have one location or dozens. Our system is designed with you in mind and we’re always adding new features. Looking for bar code scanning or other functionality? Keep checking back. Ready to start using our system? Try Stockpile now!

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